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WEATHER TIGHT SHELL PACKAGE - Materials supplied as listed in items 1 to 9


( available in 6, 7 or 8 inch diameter )

Northern White Cedar, machined Round Logs,Tongue and Groove,with full Saddle Notch Corners

9 ' Log Walls to accommodate Second Floor/Loft
Cedar Dovetail splines at butt ends

Spikes ( logs are pre-drilled to accommodate spikes)
Chinking – outside corners only

Insulating Log Sealant ( at layers and joints )

Insulating Log Sealant applicator

D-Log Siding for skirting

1" x 2" Starter Strip

Window and Door Splines


      2) PELLA – Windows

Double Hung, Exterior Endura Clad , Interior Solid Pine Frames
Glass: Insulated Low E Advanced Argon Gas

Screen: Full Screen , In View

Color-Matched Window Hardware


PELLA - Doors

Aluminum-Clad Exterior Frames ,Fiberglass and Steel Doors
Wood Entry Doors. - Door Locks and Dead Bolts -


Various Options for Windows and Doors available !



4" x 10" Spruce beams as required

Laminated Douglas Fir carrying beam as required

2" x 6" Kiln Dried SPF,"V"- Joint T & G Boards for flooring
2" x 6" Spruce studs for bearing wall

2" x 6" Top and Bottom plate for bearing wall

        Lag bolts as required

      4) GABLE ENDS
      2 " x 6" Spruce framing and studs
      2" x 6" Spruce Top and Bottom blocking
      Spruce Lintels over openings
2" OSB Sheathing
      Tyvek – House Wrap
      5/8 x 8" Red Cedar Beveled Siding


Step Flashing as required

2" x 6" Spruce framing and studs

2" x 6" Spruce Top and Bottom Blocking
Spruce Lintels over openings

1/2" OSB Sheathing

5/8 x 8" Red Cedar Beveled Siding



Spruce Rafters 2" x 10" or

Pre-engineered roof Truss system as required
Support Ridge Beams or Girders as required
/2" OSB Roof Sheathing

1/2" H-Clips

25 year standard Asphalt Shingles

Roof Vents for Ridge as required

2" x 4" Spruce sub facia

2 -1/2" Starter Strip

Hurricane Clips

Ice/Water Shield

Tar Paper

Round Cedar Post for Roof Overhangs as required


Kiln Dried 1" x 6" V-Joint, T & G Pine
Aluminum Soffit Vents



1" x 4" Cedar Trim for Windows and Doors
Fascia 1" x 8" Pine

Flashing as required


9) Complete set of Structural Drawings, Engineered and Stamped to meet National and Local Building Codes.


Miscellaneous: Full Log Gable Ends, Log Partitions, Cedar Decks/Railings. We can offer you several package options,please contact us for the home and package of your choice !